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Welcome to PVSelected !

PVSelected is a renewable energy focused import and export business, we provide one-stop PV supply chain services to our customers, including branding promotion, technical support, product development, business strategy consulting and so on.

We provide long term value to our business partners

About us


Specialized and service-oriented PV supply partner

PVSelected GmbH has been operating as a professional supply chain management company and product service provider in the European market since 2019. By providing selected products and services through the central location in NordRhein-Westfalen, we aim to improve solar supply for our partners.

High quality manufacturing and services

Storage and distribution

Comprehensive product development and technical support

Customized business solution

Pre-sales and after-sales support

Improving and simplifying PV supply to our partners

Technical support

On time delivery

Stock availability

Business planning and execution

In-depth product development and Service team

Marketing and training Program

Dynamic solution· Strong partnership · Dedicated service

PVSelected, a pioneer in the solar industry, brings together the leading technologies through the integrated industry, from products to services, from manufacturing to collaboration, from energy solution to lifestyle.

Selected partner · Selected Quality

The healthy growth of a company is inextricably linked to a good product. Our product portfolio is selected according to strict manufacturer criteria.

Innovative technology

Bankability and reliable supply

Competitive product range to meet market demand

Branding strategy at a high level

Technical support and Service center

  • With our local service center, we support trading partners and manufacturers in order to maintain, strengthen and expand relationships in the long term.
  • We support not only our client, but also well-known manufacturers in the area of fast replacement, handling technical issues from level 1-3, spare parts, qualified trainings etc.
  • We take on services along the value chain when our partners in industry or trade do not want to or cannot provide them themselves.
  • In addition to buying and selling, we advise, market and position goods through our strong technical background.
  • Technical service is the core value of our company. Our partners benefit from extended technical support with extensive product and installation knowledge.


We have a permanent contact person for you in both the commercial and technical areas.