Sigenergy is a forward-thinking company focusing on developing cutting-edge home and business energy solutions, including energy storage systems, solar inverters, and EV chargers. Our world-class R&D team of hundreds of industry talents shares the vision of making the world greener through continuous innovation.
By integrating the latest power electronics, digital, and AI technologies, we build next-generation energy products with optimum safety features. With global sales and services, we aim to become our customers’ most trusted partners on their journey to a more sustainable future.


Battery production capacity

200 +

Patents applied

12 GW

Power production capacity

70 %

R&D Personnel

Sigen Hybrid Inverter

Add battery anytime.

Packed with safety features, Sigen Hybrid Inverter allows you to add Sigen Battery easily down the track when you’re ready to expand your solar system to include energy storage for optimized home energy experience.

Elevated Power Yield

More powerful than ever.

Boasting up to 4 MPP trackers for optimal energy harvesting and a robust Max 16A MPPT current, Sigen Hybrid Inverter ensures complete coverage of all PV panels in a roof scenario. With a DC/AC ratio of up to 2, it achieves superior efficiency, maximizing power yield for a more sustainable energy solution.

Up to 4

MPP Tracker

Up to 16A

MPPT current

Up to 2

DC/AC ratio

Sigen Hybrid Inverter

Sigen PV Inverter

Straightforward Solar.

Choose Sigen PV Inverter Max for your solar system when you’re certain you won’t need battery storage in the future.
Efficient while reliable, our inverter is simple to install and easy to manage.

Superior Safety & Reliability

Peace of mind in use.

Sigen PV Inverter sets the safety standard in the industry, providing unparalleled protection with features such as DC ground-fault and long-distance AFCI. Its IP66 certification guarantees absolute resistance to dust, high humidity, and heavy rainfall.
With EMC performance exceeding industry standards (<34db), it ensures ultra safety, immunity to interference, and stable operation for users.